Stop dealing with sh*ttily displayed photos.

We're redesigning the digital photo frame for photographers so you can be proud of your photography.

The best way to display your memories.

Better quality

We store your photos on a special platform that will ensure that your photos are stored in the highest quality possible.

Share with friends and family

(BETA) Our software will allow you friends and family to share photos to your frame, so you can have your best memories ASAP.

Minimal data stored

The only data we will ever store are your photos and your email, nothing else. You can be certain that your data will be safe with us and never sold to third parties.

Display your photos.
Preorder your frame for $100.

We're almost ready for our product launch. Read more about the features we're working on and sign up to be notified when we launch.

Like the other frames, but better.
Our specially designed frame is handmade to be the highest quality photo display.
Photos in the highest quality.
We make sure that the quality that your photos were taken in are the quality they're displayed in.
BYOH or use our own. Your choice.
Bring your own hardware or use our own. We plan to support both, for the tech savvy and the non-tech savvy.
Gain access to special offers and gifts.
By preordering, you'll be on our special list which will have special offers and surprises only available for people who preorder.
Preorders have ended.

Prototype with an Android tablet and beta software